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Togo: The Black Magic of Voodoo

17 October, 2014 4 Comments


Voodoo ceremonies on the beach. The biggest voodoo market in the world. This you will find in Togo. But for centuries the religion has been associated with black magic used for evil purposes. Furthermore, based on animal and human sacrifices. However, is voodoo a force of good or evil?


The “Isolated” Village

23 September, 2014 2 Comments


During our trip in Senegal, we were promised to visit a village with no contact with civilization. However, it was far from an isolated community we were greeted by.


Cape Town: The Racist Capital?

4 September, 2014 20 Comments


Visiting the cell of Nelson Mandela at Robben Island, was an emotional experience. The man that fought for equality of black people in South Africa. Despite this, Cape Town is often called the racist capital. During my trip, I understood why!


HIV in Nigeria: Moving Beyond the Religious Taboo

27 August, 2014 8 Comments


Working with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria brought with it many surprises, and a better understanding of why so many people get affected of HIV in Nigeria.


Fishermen in Cape Coast

22 August, 2014 9 Comments

ghana3edNext to the UNESCO world heritage monument “Cape Coast Castle” in Ghana, I saw a fisher village that draw my attention. Maybe even more than the historical castle itself. With a desire to visit the fishermen, the response I got from the taxi-driver was: “Usually, no tourists entry to this place, because they will get robbed”.


Kampala: Unemployed Slum Dwellers

15 August, 2014 Leave a comment


Urban poverty is a big problem in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. In the slums, most young adults are without jobs. Making poverty even more severe. With a goal of providing them with a sustainable income, we implemented an entrepreneurship and vocational skills development program.


James Island: Roots & Slave Trade

11 August, 2014 2 Comments


James Island highlights the horrors and untold suffering of hundreds of thousand people being captured as slaves. Here, in the middle of the Gambia River, the slaves were held prior to sailing. Only a 10 minutes boat ride from the island, you find the village Juffure. Here a family claiming they are the descendants of Kunta Kinte live.


Ganvie: The “Venice of Africa”

6 August, 2014 2 Comments


At the unique floating village of Ganvie in Benin, you will witness the villagers do all their daily activities like shopping, working, transporting, and socializing from their small wooden canoes (pirogues). You will experience children waving from their houses build on stilts over the lake. It is amazing to know that over 20.000 people live here on water several miles from the nearest shoreline.


Six Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About African Cultures

31 July, 2014 15 Comments


Why does many people in Nigeria have scars in their faces? Why do many HIV-positive in African countries refuse to take their medicines? Why do woman have to eat sitting on the floor, while men can sit with the table in Uganda? Read why and more shocking things you didn’t know about African cultures in this blog-post.


#JOSTIFIED – We JOS want peace!

28 July, 2014 2 Comments


This lovely girl named Alheri, 11 years old from Nigeria has experienced what could be the worst possible incident imaginable. One night in 2010, the village where she was living was attacked, killing both of her parents. Furthermore, hundreds of her neighbours, friends, and acquaintances was slaughtered. But Alheri miraculously survived.

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