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Jaipur: The Beauty of the Slum

26 September, 2014 6 Comments


A post about the beautiful aspects of the slum. However, was my visit to the slum in Jaipur ethical?


Maldives: Visit Before It’s Too Late

19 September, 2014 11 Comments


You might have seen “Places you need to visit before they disappear” lists. Maldives is always on the top of the lists. One of the most beautiful places I have visited. A paradise. A place to escape from cold winters, problems and stress. If you have not yet visited, time may be running out.


Ping Pong Shows in Bangkok: Why You Shouldn’t Go

5 September, 2014 36 Comments

pingpongshow1edThe ping pong shows in Bangkok, are listed as a “must do” by many travel bloggers and guidebooks. Here is the reason why you shouldn’t go.


Sri Lanka: Man and Mangroves

26 August, 2014 Leave a comment


In Sri Lanka, more than half of the important mangroves are lost. Rapid cutting of mangroves is threatening the incomes of local communities while putting them at increased risk from extreme weather.


Hong Kong: Overcrowded City With Tiny Apartments

21 August, 2014 8 Comments


Describing Hong Kong in one word; Overcrowded. This is why the Hongkongers usually live in tiny apartments. Commonly, a family sleep in bunk beds in one single room. Sidewalks and shopping areas are dense with people.


Happy Birthday Lord Krishna

18 August, 2014 2 Comments


Today is the birthday of Lord Krishna. One of the many Gods of Hinduism. This is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India during the year. Ten days ago, another big festival named “Raksha Bandhan” took place. I participated in both. Surprisingly, getting an Indian brother in the last mentioned.  


Not Being Able to Marry the One You Love

5 August, 2014 2 Comments


In India, a common practice is arranged marriage. Parents usually choose a suitable husband or wife for their sons and daughters. However, not everyone follow their parents advice. Diya, ran away from home, marrying the man she loved. Read her story.

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