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Viñales: Beautiful But Disturbing Horse Ride Trip

22 September, 2014 Leave a comment


A horse ride trip in Viñales is truly memorable and beautiful. However, I could not enjoy the trip to the fullest, observing how the horses are abused.


7 Reasons Why Curacao is Not Such a Paradise

8 September, 2014 13 Comments


Curacao, often listed as the Caribbean paradise. You have probably seen pictures of what looks like beautiful and long white sand beaches with crystal clear water from this destination. However, here are seven reasons why I don’t consider Curacao as such a paradise destination.


Cuban Homestays: Getting into the Political Mind of the Locals

1 August, 2014 1 Comment


The best way to experience the real Cuba is living in casa particulares (private houses). I did this, legal and illegal. By doing that I got to know the Cubans thoughts and meaning about the country’s political system; Communism. Do they support Castro? Are they happy with the socialist way of living? Was some of my thoughts before arriving to Cuba…


San Blas: Heaven on Earth

29 July, 2014 2 Comments

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Do you want to travel to a peaceful place with beautiful beaches, crystal clear water surrounded by reefs, and with an experience of REAL interesting indigenous culture? Without it being destroyed by tourists. Then San Blas is the place to go!

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